7 Key Mindset Shifts To Help You To Become A True Leader

7 Key Mindset Shifts To Help You To Become A True Leader


As you embark on this journey, know that you are now a leader. You are like a traffic offer controlling all the traffic, that is you will be responsible for all the activities happening in your business.
You have to inspire others to build a successful team
Expect some road pumps along the way.

This brings you to the 7 mindset shifts that you should start adopting from today:
The good news is that mindset is a learnable skill. And in Chapter 10, I’ll show you how to develop the mindset of playing bigger – skills that I learned and teach daily.
Don’t expect regular cashflow
Become a leader
Challenge the status quo
Take the responsibility
Cultivate a healthy attitude towards risk
Ready to operate with certainty
Leave your personal emotions at the door

In addition, you must start to develop some important qualities to hand in hand with the above mindset shifts.
Be energetic
Grace yourself under pressure
Be keen to learn organisation skills
Adopt assertiveness
Develop THICK skin
Have the ability to handle numbers
Cultivate attention to details
Have the ability to handle failure, rejection

These will be discussed in more detail in advanced levels, so keep your options open.


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