Month: May 2019


Discover why housing prices dropped by 10 percent in major cities in Australia

In minutes released from the February Monetary Policy Meeting of the Reserve Bank Australia,board members noted that the marked drop in housing prices in Sydney (12%) and Melbourne (9%),since their respective peaks in 2017, was “unusual” given the current low mortgage interest ratesand declining unemployment. Reserve Bank of Australia, Minutes of the Monetary Policy Meeting of the Reserve Bank Board, 5 February 2019,​ Elsewhere in Australia, housing prices fell in Perth and Darwin, remained flatRead More

Fund Any Deal You Want with Private Money, Even if You’re Brand New!

Know what separates the investors that can fund any deal they want just by picking up their phone from every other Joe who keeps getting rejected?? It’s one very simple concept that 97% of investors don’t understand And this one concept and method will ensure that you can fund any profitable deal you want, anytime… If you’re seeing deals pass you by because private lenders and banks won’t talk to you… Your world is aboutRead More

How to use real estate to build wealth

We are working on a MASSIVE content piece for next week on how to use real estate to build what I can call an “FU Wall”. Trust me when I say this is going to be ridiculous! Stay tuned for the update or emails next week – you will definitely want to get access to this (no charge) If you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter yet, you better do so now. Meanwhile listen to DaniilRead More

Optimism in real estate picks up post federal election in Australia

The dark cloud that surrounded many investors has been lifted after the Federal election. Prior to federal election, many investors were jittery when Labour Party announced that they would scrape away “negative engineering”policy if they were voted into power. This caused a lot of uncertainty for many investors in Australia to hold onto their money. Now since LP is not in power, there is a positive atmosphere in the real estate industry. Real estate agentsRead More

Own or rent resorts globally

 In 2008 my wife and I bought this membership to make it easier to travel and enjoy  more vacation at a reduced price. Since then we have saved thousands of dollars on travel and accommodation  even on peak weeks of the year. Our investment has paid off. Below are some of the benefits you will enjoy as a REN  member: Your Renaissance membership (Your Ultimate Lifestyle Passport) now to gain access to UNLIMITED weeks of yearlyRead More

The number one “dirty little secret” about doing business on the Internet.

With the current consumer scepticism online, you need to display some of the known sticky sales Trust seals on your website. These seals will counteract any negative comments that can easily hurt your business. Benefits of a seal on your website Avoid the current global online sales slump. (3 factors that are hurting small and medium-sized web-businesses the most.) The “silent online sales killer” that is slaying a percentage of your sales every day. (The average shoppingRead More