(12 ideas) My favourite shortcut to list building

(12 ideas) My favourite shortcut to list building

Hey fellow entrepreneurs

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday. Here’s something to make it even better.

If you ever struggle with list building, there’s just one simple ingredient you need to make it work and that’s a GREAT offer. Offer them something they can’t resist and they won’t be able to get to your opt-in form fast enough.

Sure, you need traffic and stuff to that offer, but if your offer sucks, nothing is going to happen.

That’s why if you teach online marketing at all, I recommend you get this package from Alice. It’s her “Top Selling List Magnets Products of the Decade” bundle and you can get it at an amazingly teeny-tiny price right here: https://www.diyplr.com/bundles/aff/go/cjinvestiment/?i=419Just do it quickly because the special offer ends soon.

Plus, you can edit all the content…brand it, monetize and publish it how you want. Alice has done all the work for you. You just gotta run with it.

And once you pick it up and set up your opt-in offer, here’s how to build traffic to get those subscribers:

  1. Share it on social media.
  2. Get your affiliates to promote it, using their affiliate link.
  3. Set up a retargeting ad campaign on Facebook, so you can get people who visited your site before to opt-in.
  4. Find new audiences with more ad campaigns using Facebook, Youtube or Google ads.
  5. Make a quick video to promote your course on YouTube and send them to your opt-in page.
  6. Ask your subscribers and followers to share it. You can even provide an incentive for them to do so.
  7. Partner with other publishers and swap opt-in promos.
  8. Write guest blog posts on other relevant blogs and invite blog readers to sign up for your awesome freebie.
  9. Provide useful commentary on blogs and news sites. Include a link to your opt-in page in the appropriate space. Don’t link to your site in the body of your comment.
  10. Distribute press releases online and to other online and offline media.
  11. Have a sweepstakes or giveaway on your site with a cool prize. Encourage entrants to claim their free gift and subscribe to your mailing list.
  12. Get interviewed on websites, podcasts, etc. Get out there and get known!

Just a few ideas to get you started.

Anyway, go here to get your ready-to-publish course: https://www.diyplr.com/bundles/aff/go/cjinvestiment/?i=419

This is a CRAZY good deal, but it will not last long.

To your success,
Charles Kaluwasha


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