Why Financial education is so important if you want to become a Proficient Investor

Why Financial education is so important if you want to become a Proficient Investor

Let’s take a look at The Education Continuum and try to honestly assess where you are in regard to your understanding of investing. The answer, of course, is to put ourselves on the path of financial education. We know how to control risk and modify investments to achieve our goals.

Warren Buffett says of risk: 

“Risk is not knowing what you are doing.” 

The key word is you, not the investment.

Over the years, Robert Kiyosaki the man who has accumulated over $1 billion cash flow from 10,000 real estate investment properties in USA has come to define RISK as:





Now, in the world of investing, there are no investments that are 100% guaranteed to be safe (free from losses), but there are things you can do to reduce the risk and increase the safety:

  • Give yourself a financial education
  • Gain hands-on experience by actively investing your money
  • Understand the investment and the return on the investment
  • Have control over your investments

Don’t Just Have Investments – Be an Investor

One of the most common mistakes new investors make is that they focus on what they want to own rather than what they want to become. As you concentrate on growing your knowledge of investing through education, you will enjoy becoming more aware of the investing techniques people use in the stock market to achieve monthly cash flow and retire early.

Lack of Knowledge Forces You to Depend on Others

Because of a lack of education, many people have become totally dependent on outside advisors, such as their 401 companies, to take care of their money. It has come to the point where our culture just assumes we can’t learn these skills for ourselves, that we can’t do the «magic» that they do.

Make Investing a Life Skill

We have amazing brains that can learn new things and acquire new skills. That’s nearly $10,000 invested in just his musical education. He wasn’t born with that skill, but with a committed investment of time and money it became a reality. If generating money through investments is important to us, we can acquire new skills that will bless our lives with freedom, time, and great satisfaction.

“If it takes money to make money, then no one would ever create greater income and wealth

There is no genius needed to accomplish great things. ” Just a strong desire and simple skills available to anyone”.


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