What is your best Email Marketing Service?

What is your best Email Marketing Service?

Each business owner has a choice of selecting email marketing provider. Some are forced by the companies they promote, especially if you are promoting affiliate products or services. This happened to me when I started working on line a decade ago. My sponsor advised me to open an account with Getresponse. I found it very frustrating by then. I did not know where to click, which area to navigate and so forth. Very frustrating!

Then decided to move to Aweber, since then I like it and has made my email marketing so easy and more productive.

The support is great 24/7,easier to navigate,create capture pages and now you can create email templates within 10 seconds with the new “Smart Designer” software for free can be found here

What is your best email marketing platform and give reasons why you chose this? Leave your comments below for others to learn and share.


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