Turn Your Website Into Beautiful Email Template

Turn Your Website Into Beautiful Email Template

Invest in your email marketing strategies with Smart Designer

There is no better and easier way than utilising an intelligent design assistant that automatically creates amazing-looking, branded email templates by analyzing your website, Facebook page, or Instagram account for logos, imagery, and colors.

Just imagine in a matter of seconds, you will see AWeber’s Smart Designer building a free, ready-to-use, customized template just for your business without hiring designers.

There are only three easy steps to create a customized template:

  • Enter your URL in the provided space,sit back and relax
  • Smart Designer analyzes your website for logos, imagery, and colors.
  • Then wait for few seconds, check out your Aweber gallery of ready-to-use, branded email templates and add them to your account!

Below is a blueprint to guide you on the above 3 steps :

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