To Whom Should we Market?

To Whom Should we Market?

One of the most commonly asked questions for investors during the early stages of marketing is “to whom should we market?”
You may be interested to know that there is a group growing that is poised to be a destination where good discounts abound.
To review, I noted earlier this week that as moratorium-weary landlords become aware of properties for sale, they will be motivated to unload them.
Due to the upward trend in rents, many experienced landlords and those looking to get into the game to take advantage of the higher rents will be pestering their respective landlords to hand over properties.
That is just the kind of combination we wholesalers could use.

How do we locate these landlord-weary individuals?
Here are two different methods:
1) Engage Out-of-State absentee owners via the market. These people live far away from the property, which makes it more difficult for them to deal with tenant difficulties.
2) In numbers, evictions will begin to rise. You should go to the courthouse and see if you can get access to the eviction paperwork (which is a public record). When they are weak and desperate to get rid of their property, you’ll be promoting to landlords.

If you don’t have that time to attend the court session, DG Institute has a system that retrieves court lists of properties to be auctioned before they are offloaded to the public.
Stay informed so you can benefit from all of the options available to you.

I promise you this:

If only I had invested back then, I would be much richer now.

This is a really unusual situation. The tide of profit is approaching. Matching your preparation to the pace of the situation will ensure that you don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

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