Time to Plan and Invest

Time to Plan and Invest

As we come to the end of the year, we want to ask ourselves this question, “what have we achieved, did we follow the resolutions we pledged to fulfill or threw them along the way?

If not what lesson have we learned and what action can we follow so that we can do better next year.

May be we need someone to look over our shoulders(Coaching) to ensure that we are following the course of our plans.

As for me, my plans are to increase awareness on investing strategies through an e-Learning course I am developing. This course will focus on financial education and how people can start investing in self development and real estate niche from the little available money we have.

Many will ask, Charles, “where can we get the money from?”

You see money will never be enough, because our brains are conditioned and wired with this thought, “I don’t have enough money to invest”. It’s only the rich, or those from a rich family…

It is such thoughts that hinder us from taking the right action. Unknown fears cripe our thoughts and block us from taking the necessary steps. We have to change our mindset from that mentality and adopt a new positive and progressive thinking. This is one of the basic topics we shall cover in our 1st level.

So if you want to get more information on this topic, enrol into our upcoming course by registering your name and active email here!

Have a wonderful festive season and looking forward to better future!


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