The Unicorn Language of a Network Marketing Solution

The Unicorn Language of a Network Marketing Solution

In this video below, Michael Ellis explain why ONPASSIVE will be a ‘unicorn’ company in the next ten years and customer is the king. It has been developed by Ash Mufarah to change the landscape of marketing online with the use of AI.

Why this company will change many lives?

100% successful platform that will promote all online businesses. It makes your journey smooth and wonderful

Heart and passion

OnPassive is a passion oriented company that makes you meet your financial desire.

Skill,knowledge and vision. A broader vision enlightens you and helps you adapt skills that accompany you for life.

Time equals Dollars

Your patience can help you gain the best of knowledge.

Marketing and advertising

The strategies you put forward to connect with people will make all the difference.


The financial planning helps you execute the most accurate action towards your goal.


Doing research, analysing results,making strategies and applying them, guarantees business growth.

43,000 active Founders worldwide share the same vision and passion to ensure that this “Giant”IT company becomes the Unicorn company in the industry.

That means it will help you excel and take your business to the next level with to create Passive Income in your business.


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