The Secret of drinking warm water instead of coffee every morning

The Secret of drinking warm water instead of coffee every morning

At first, she would only give up my morning cup of coffee reluctantly and desperately, but the decision ultimately changed the way she worked.

Let me be clear: it wasn’t an overnight success.

At first, she kept falling asleep at work, but she became restless. But she believed it was her body’s way of adapting to the new environment. After a few weeks of transitioning, the benefits became obvious. To begin with, she noticed some physical changes (of which she won’t go into detail here). But here’s what else happened.

  • She was able to concentrate for longer periods of time. Coffee gave me a jolt of energy, but it often wore off after a few hours and left me feeling sluggish. I was more alert and attentive throughout the day after switching to warm water, and I wasn’t completely exhausted at the end of the day.
  • The daily migraines are gone. There was nothing her doctors could do to help my migraines, which would not go away on their own (She had her eyes and her head checked!). She noticed a significant decrease in the frequency and intensity of her headaches on day five of using warm water. The migraines were gone after the first month. Don’t quote me because I’m not a doctor, but it can’t hurt to give it a shot.
  • At work, she was able to see things more clearly. Client briefs must be translated into content strategies for brands, written and edited by her as a copywriter. This is exhausting because it necessitates extreme concentration. Her performance skyrocketed once she made the switch to warm water! Aside from improving her memory and reducing her anxiety about work, she also learned to better manage her time and tasks.
  • Her frame of mind had shifted. I’m sure that all of the preceding factors played a role in the final one, but, how her mood has shifted. To be honest, drinking coffee made her grumpy. She found that bathing in warm water helped lift her spirits, which improved both her work performance and her interactions with her coworkers (no one wants an irritable colleague).

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