The Need To Evolve and adapt

The Need To Evolve and adapt

Staying the same will either kill you or send you broke. Whichever comes first.

Neither one is an optimal outcome, right?

Yet this happens to a lot of businesses.

Whatever way you are making money today, it is likely to be gone tomorrow.

There is a need to evolve and adapt. So, it’s time to start getting uncomfortable.

Just over two years ago, I started this real estate business inside my house and offered just ONE product.

This product had a bright future because of the unique strategy with few direct competitors.

Within six months, I hired my son who had just completed his sales course in real estate sector and enjoyed glorious growth for the next six months.

Then faced competition from other former real estate rescue program students we attended the workshop with in Sydney by DG Institute, we lost our first mover advantage.

Overnight, we lost 50% revenue, and with bills and loans to pay.

We kept investing in training, sales and marketing and we never yielded.

Competition is healthy because it exposes your muscles and forces you to raise your bar.

My greatest secret, and the reason I overcame the setbacks instead of letting them defeat me, was because I surrounded myself with consultants and mentors. People who were smarter than me.People who had been in the fighting ring before.

I was never afraid to pay for good advice.Invested in training courses they offered.

Cheap advice is often going to cost you long term.But expensive ones have the germ in them that can drive you home.

You ALWAYS pay for what you get.

Your business is YOUR baby so often we think we know best. But the reality is, if you want to scale-up and succeed you will need help. Thankfully I found a JV partner whom we locked armed with and opened the curtain for us.

Important message here is,drop your ego.

Trust your gut.

Stay resolute and true to your overall vision, but be open and flexible with the path.

Above all else, seek HELP always…

If you think you are the smartest person in your business, you have a serious problem.

Today, our original product accounts for just 2% of our total revenue.

And 30 % of our revenue now comes from Melbourne and Gold Coast

We evolved. We adapted. We overcame the battle.

If I was still procrastinating on the next steps, I’d definitely be broke by now.

We have even developed a strategy to help people pay off their house loans quicker in less than 15 years. This strategy can give you the freedom and live a life free of worries.


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