The benefits of investing in real estate

The benefits of investing in real estate

Once again here are the benefits of investing in real estate…

• Real estate is an appreciating asset: Not only is your renter actively paying off your mortgage, but your asset continues to increase in value as long as home values continue to rise.

• Real estate allows for investment diversification: Rental properties add stability to your portfolio and give you much needed diversification.

• Real estate provides perfect access to a growing market: Experts say that the rental market is on the rise and more people than ever are looking for quality properties to rent.

• Real estate provides several potential tax advantages: In many cases investment real estate can provide a variety of tax benefits. Your tax advisor can tell you how they apply to you.

• Real estate uses leverage: By using down payments you’re able to leverage the full value of the property. You can’t do that with stocks or any other investment for that matter.

• Real estate can be acquired through retirement accounts: Your 401(k) and IRA accounts can be used to buy your rental properties.

• And real estate gives you greater control: Unlike a lot of other investments, with real estate you have a lot more control over your rate of return.

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