Take advantage of lower interest rates

Take advantage of lower interest rates

The long awaited announcement by RBA is here. The cash rate will remain at its lower historic rate of 0.25%. Dr. Lowe retirated Governments commitment to improving the economy through government Jobkeeper and Jobseeker programs.The stimulus package will be necessary to help our economy to recover from the “recession”

Still a long way

The economic recovery may be delayed for a while until the pandemic ara comes to pass. “Till then the government will continue to support businesses and household”, he stated.

Is it an ideal time to borrow?

With the homeloan variable interest are dropping, I feel now is the time to for potetial investors and home buyers to borrow or refinance their properties


A caution though! Low interest rates have been a big one over the past years post recession in 1993. Historically, low interest rate were called”Teasers” as they sounded very attractive- until home-buyers and investors found out later how high and how quickly they came to adjust, leaving families in distress.

What are some of the advantages of low-interest rates?

  • Access to govt stimulus packages and attractive first home buyers

Easy access to credit facility

  • Stimulates household spending and housing investment by increasing the wealth and cash-flow of households
  • Opportunity to refinance your current home loan. You can do this by searching and compare the market to find more competitive interest rates in order to lower your monthly repayments.
  • You can also switch to interest-only home loan to take off the mortgage stress
  • Interest rate is likely to remain low for 2-3 years, so it is wise to consider a fixed rate for up to 5 years so that you can have a piece of mind.

Invest the access into more properties

Why keep the money in the bank when banks have reduced interest on your hard-earned cash. As of today, many banks are paying as low as 0.25% on variable accounts. See the latest interest rates on any deposits in your accounts.

C J Investiment has strategies to help you refinance or opt in for our famous strategy to build wealth faster and finish your mortgage earlier that is withing 10 years.

If this resonated with you, complete our questioner and have it reviewed by one of our consultant specialists


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