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From: Charles Vincent Kaluwasha

Date: 15/03/2020

Subject: Create a High-Level Coaching Program.

If you have been working in the coaching industry or have been considering becoming a coach, keep reading. The coaching industry has an estimated market size of $15 billion in 2019, the worth value at $7.5 billion in the US alone. The expected reach by 2022 to be over $20 billion by 2022. And PwC states the coaching industry was the second-fastest-growing sector worldwide. Why this rise in coaching? Many experts believe it is because people value expertise. People are beginning to realize the benefits of using coaching for every area of their lives. It doesn’t matter if they have goals for personal growth, business growth or something else, people are turning to experts to help them reach these goals. Coaching, specifically, high-level coaching, allows you, the expert, to do that. Not only are you helping clients reach their goals, but you are also being well-paid for your service. This guide will take you through the steps needed to quickly create a high-level coaching program.

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What an expert is and how to find your expertise if you don’t already know

What the benefits are to selling your expertise

How to plan your coaching program

Tips for your high-level coaching programs

How to create coaching program funnels

How you can use PLR and curated content to build your training material

The types of coaching programs and the deliver models available for your coaching program

How to determine how much to charge for your high-ticket coaching program

Strategies for selling your high-ticket coaching course to get clients into your program

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