The Surprising Royale Travel Membership Brings back Fresh Memories!

The Surprising Royale Travel Membership Brings back Fresh Memories!

This Royale Travel Club reminds us of when Joyce and I went for a holiday at what Kiwis call “The Bottom Under” in Invercargill, New Zealand.
We were guided by family friends who live in Invercargill. We took some photos as memories of that trip.
It was a gift in a box for Joyce on her birthday.

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New Royale Savings!

Because many people are joining this fantastic travel club membership, the company has negotiated great deals for members to choose a place of their liking in any part of the world and enjoy a deserved holiday.

And spring is the right time to start booking for your Christmas holiday.

You will save hundreds and thousands of dollars on flights, hotels, resorts, rental cars and many other facilities that you may need on your trip.

After Checking messages from friends

On Sunday we had a divine church service with family and friends to conclude our trip!

Having this member is like owning hundreds of rental resorts anywhere in the world. You can book your trip any time of the year with no “black days” and most importantly you will have memorable stories to tell your friends and grandchildren. You see storytelling is a natural force of life! Stories breathe life and meaning into the world we live in, they move us, inspire and help us to connect and even resonate with others who listen to them.

When You go on holiday, carry your best video camera, and notebook to write about some important sites, and experiences unique to you and these memories will paint your journey as an individual. These will later convey your own reality, and open the eyes and ears of others.


With Royale Travel Membership Club, families bring back unforgettable memories which they tell and show their friends. If you want to listen to some of the stories, click on the button below…



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