Onpassive Global IT Company Launched

Onpassive Global IT Company Launched


I wanted to share an opportunity with you which has attracted 1,265,657 members with about 1,000 new members joining each day.

What if there was a company that provided the following:

100% Success For All Participants

100% Hands-Free

All Done For You Advertising

The company Does the Selling

The Company Does the Sales Presentation

All Done For You…while you make up to $350,000

All you have to do…is REGISTER.

Would you want more info?

If so I hope you will find some time to watch this short overview posted by fellow Founder Dr Bill Williams….


Why you should join our rapidly growing team of Founders….

2 1/2 Minute Business Overview

Full Business Presentation (Company, Products, Comp Plan)…1 Hour Video

Once you have gone through all of the above you will understand why 1,265,657 folks from all walks of life have made a very wise decision to join us during the current GoFounders phase 1 stage of development and why millions still joining after ONPASSIVE launched on 30 March 2022.

My friend, I hope you are able to appreciate the vision which has brought all of these folks together. If so, you can take action right now by clicking on this link to become a Founder….

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