Online Learning Content

Online Learning Content


I came across your online learning content and found it to be useful for a lot of people. My company runs the LearnDesk Marketplace, a popular learning website visited by 100 million+ people a year.

We offer learning content creators access to a large community of students, a revenue share of up to 90%, and dedicated marketing support. You can sell knowledge in the form of recorded content, live classes 1-1 or groups, ebooks, documents, or distribute content to gain exposure.

I would like to provide information on how we can work together to get you more users for your learning content. Regards,
Vivek Puri
LearnDesk Marketplace
4695 Chabot Drive #200
Pleasanton, CA 94568

We are glad that our online courses are being recognised by the international communities such as LearnDesk one of the major e-learning platforms in the world that has over 100 million course viewers and students per year.

We have been developing these courses from our own experiences, hard work and failures. What we teach is not only real but from our own failures and successes, we have experienced. We give you the best guidance and courses that work in today’s technical age.

Right now we are developing a CJI-EDC entrepreneurship App where people can access self-study materials in the following at a fee and be issued with a certificate, without necessarily being beneficiaries of our broader programme:

  1. Real estate investment
  2. Critical business management principles
  3. Marketing
  4. Bookkeeping and accounts
  5. NGO management
  6. Resource Mobilisation
  7. Corporate Governance

At the same time,  we are creating a Crowd Funding app to provide campaign services to our Zambian communities, first then to neighbouring countries and worldwide!

So next time you think of raising funds for your project, think of C J Investiments  Pty Ltd



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