Never post your valued content on Facebook

Never post your valued content on Facebook

Did you know that Posting articles to Facebook will only be viewed by 7% of your audience and the post is buried in the feeds after a few hours? But posting to your blog is more advantageous because it will be available forever. That’s why we have this system first of its kind to build your blog and post articles using your mobile.

Weblog This WOW is the simplest way to create your own website and build an audience based on your interests. Use it for entertainment or profit – or both!

Using Easy as EmailTM (demo) or EZ-VloggerTM, you can publish content in seconds from your phone or PC (demo). There is no learning curve!

Take a look at an example of Blog This WOW in action. Then give it a shot by sending this link to this email address (or simply use this sample post):


You’ll be added to my list, and you’ll be able to see how Blog This WOW automates all of your email marketing as well. There is no need to create email newsletters!

Weblog This WOW isn’t just for social media. Blogging in the traditional sense is now as simple as sending an email. There is no need to learn or log in to WordPress!

Your secure site is built and hosted on lightning-fast servers for free. Simply choose a domain name. You can Blog This WOW! if you can send an email.

Blog This WOW is currently in beta and is only available by invitation. Watch the video below to hear from Blog This WOW’s creator.

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