Motives for Starting a Business

Motives for Starting a Business


Entrepreneurs are driven to start their businesses for various reasons, which vary from person to person. Entrepreneurs want to run their own businesses. They want to build a company that will last beyond their lifetimes. These people are running their businesses based on what they believe in and how they want to spend their time.


Even though they end up working more than those in a traditional setting, they want to find a better work-life balance and work when it is convenient for them. There are many people who have goals for their lives. Some people have brilliant ideas that they would rather develop and expand on their own than give to an organisation that would take credit for them. Learning and adopting a new ideology are two of the essential qualities needed to succeed as an entrepreneur.


When you’re an entrepreneur, you learn to see opportunities everywhere and in everyone. Customers, employees, competitors, even children, anyone can impart knowledge on you. To add value to your company, you must be able to persuade others to follow you and invest in them in return.

We teach this to our entrepreneur clubs in our communities on a weekly basis.


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