Investing in real-estate

Investing in real-estate

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I have been studying this industry for 2 years. I have bought and sold properties in New Zealand


Seen it being practiced in USA- buying motivated properties without own money.

Came across Real Estate Rescue Program- Dominique  Grubisa

Attended a 3 days intensive workshop in Sydney

Dom has  worked for 22 years as solicitor, barrister specializing in property, banking and finance and commercial law

Passion in assert protection.

Enable you make fortune in this global economic tsunami heading our way

When you follow the strategies, you will sleep at night knowing that when the world goes to hell in a basket, you will not lose a cent and will be perfectly positioned to grow your wealth exponentially.

Dom has developed a curriculum that has never been taught before in Australia in evaluating ,investing in and managing distressed real estate purchases. This has been secretive but you learn of it and once you get into it, you will actually find it simple.

People buy homes for number of reasons, they cannot afford to keep or need to sell it quickly.

They market it and are very motivated to take a low price in return for a quick sale. If don’t the banks/lenders breath over them and reposes and sell it.

This is when you come in to solve their problem.

Help you secure funds if you don’t have your own

Help you with legal issues such as conveying

Help you with data base for example RP Data

Her team will be in contact to assist you in securing the deals.

Money is yours to reinvest and repeat and rinse.

This is a tip of the iceberg

I will guide you and get in touch with DG team!

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