Impact of online reputation in real estate investing

Impact of online reputation in real estate investing


A lot is going on in the market place today. The competition is wild out there.

Investors are competing for a few buyers. And buyers are now savvy in selecting whom they should trust before they decide to pull out their hard-earned money to put towards their home.

Property is a significant purchase, for people to trust you as a seller, you must have what it takes to claim their trust. Before they approach any company, they search the net for more information about your agency or company.

To get their attention, you must have the following qualifying facts:

Must have enough quality reviews

Your campaign must have or keep up with new technology that engages well with them on feedback and effective home buying process

Must have a positive rating from clients that have bought or used your services

You must have the ability to provide inside knowledge and expertise and guidance to speed up the process of buying their homes

You must improve communication links with clients, for example, SMS to respond to queries in time

Let your customers know how you deal with unforeseen situations in your business and how you intend to deal with it.

  • Prepare for likely incoming questions and requests.
  • Consider drafting templated email responses or a voicemail message that addresses what customers can expect.
  • Connect with customers using live chat or direct messages through social media.

Implementing the above strategies will make you stand out of the noise and scale your business to higher levels.


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