How We Make Sure You Select “Your Ideal Target Market” video

How We Make Sure You Select “Your Ideal Target Market” video

With the help of the physical / emotional profile worksheets, you should now have a clearly defined profile of the physical and emotional characteristics that define your target customer… and you should have selected the one hot button that you feel most passionate about. That hot button has now become your niche market.

Selecting your niche market means you’re now electing to STOP trying to be all things to all prospects. You’re now positioning your business so that it’s “unique.” This is the first step toward separating your business from your competition, and will enable you to later dominate your market.

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Now comes the critically important part. Now that you have selected your “niche” market, you must go back to your physical profile and revise it.

The link below will provide you with a video that highlights the fourth and final key component in identifying your target customer… “How We Can Identify Your Low Hanging Fruit.” Why is this important?

Your original physical profile identified the available universe of everyone who NEEDS what you sell. In most cases, that could be just about anyone. But with the selection of a specific niche market, you’re electing to serve a smaller segment of that universe… a universe that WANTS what you sell.

It’s important to go back and redefine the physical profile of your target customer. You may discover it has narrowed dramatically. This makes your target customer much easier to find, identify, and market to.

The contents of this video presentation are designed to prepare you for next week’s video, and to help you:

  • Redefine your physical profile traits to fit your specific niche market
  • Complete the process of building a business that is truly unique
  • Simplify the lead generation and lead qualification process we’ll cover in later presentations

You’re almost done developing your Target Customer Profile… one of the most important fundamentals in business today, and one that your competition completely overlooks.

To access the “How We Can Identify Your Low Hanging Fruit” visit:
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