How to Invest in Apartments | CJ Investiment Property

How to Invest in Apartments | CJ Investiment Property

Posted by: Charles Kaluwasha | January 24, 2020

A small apartment building is a good place to start out. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to cash rent checks instead of writing them, apartment investing might be for you. While most people can’t run out and buy a big 200-unit apartment complex, you can get started in apartments without coming up with millions of dollars. Whether you buy them through the stock market, find a great deal on the private…


Real estate investing 1

Real estate investing

How I Built My Wealth In 4 Steps( You Can Too)

Compared to several years ago, when I had less money, I still have the same life. You see, it doesn’t take much money to live a good life. Enjoy your simple life, save your money, invest it wisely, and don’t lose your money.

  1. Live Lean

I keep my expenses as low as possible without sacrificing the quality of life.
My house isn’t big and fancy, my mortgage is low and so are my energy and water costs. I drive a Ford Focus MI, and my car insurance is $36 a month. And I only fill it up with gas twice a month because I live close to my office, friends, and family. I stopped buying fashionable items I buy books every month. I eat healthy foods, no take always. I don’t go to paying gyms but have my small gym in my portio.

You see, I don’t live like Mr Money Moustache or minimalist folks, I have my own definition of living lean. Don’t spend your money on things that don’t give you lasting benefits.

For example, healthy food keeps me fit and lean. Books satisfy my thirst for knowledge and thinking. Working out gives me calm. Going on trips and holidays give me inspiration. And so forth.

  1. Always Keep A Buffer

So, we all know how to build wealth, right? Save your money and then invest it. That’s the idea.

But before you even think about investing, you need a buffer. What will you do when your car breaks down? Okay, I admit it: that’s a cliché. Let me give you a better example.

Let’s say you’ve experienced hardship for the past year or so. A family member passes away. You get ill. And you’re having less fun at your job. Things have been tough.

If you have a buffer, you can say, “fuck it, let’s go on a holiday.”

Money buys freedom. We must be honest about that. However, you don’t need a million bucks to be free. Personally, I like to have AU$10K on my savings account that I can always access.

For the first few years of my career, I worked hard and didn’t spend much money, so I could build up my buffer. And ever since I built up my buffer, I never let it dip below that number. I also don’t invest that money; it is on stand-by. I don’t care about inflation since I make money in different ways.

My buffer is here to keep my mind at peace and helps me to do what I want. To me, that’s the definition of a rich life.

3.Invest Defensively

Look, individuals like you and I never make money with stock trading. What’s more, professionals don’t even make money for you with trading. I stopped investing in individual stocks. Plus, when I own stocks of a company, I can’t be like gadget and clothes that are in fashion. I have lost thousands of dollars with trade including Bitcoin. Even when you have good brokers, the chances are that you can lose your hard-earned money. They would always ask you to fund the account even when it is in the negative. Below is the latest trade account with TradeT99 platform, asking me to deposit more funds to save the account.

4.Diversify Income

Let’s be realistic, the return I get from the index funds is NOT income. In fact, I don’t try to make money with investing. I make money by working today. I own an affiliate marketing company together with my family, I offer online courses, books, coaching, and I own two properties.

So instead of spending hours trying to diversify your investments, diversify your income. Don’t rely on one income stream. And even if you have a job, there is no excuse to only rely on your employer for 100% of the money you earn. Rent out your apartment on Airbnb and go live with your parents on those days.

However, if we don’t spend money at all, we become stingy and fearful — another extreme state of mind. And that’s no good either. Seneca said it best in On The Shortness Of Life:

“You can make the same point that rich and poor suffer equal distress: for both groups cling to their money and suffer if it is torn away from them.”

Strive for balance, my friend.

Provide value in exchange for money. «Yeah, I’m going to buy an apartment right now and immediately rent it out!. If it was so easy, everybody would be rich. Banks don’t lend money easily. You need income anyway.

Everybody dreams of having passive income but that’s only the second stage of your financial strategy. First, you make money, and then, you invest it. And after that, money itself will take care of the rest.


What’s your current savings rate?

What about your target savings rate?

What plans have you got to reach there?

And what are you willing to change in order to reach it?

Please share below in the comments, Thank You!



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