How To Broaden Your Scope – (Advice From A Social Media Expert)

How To Broaden Your Scope – (Advice From A Social Media Expert)

If you own a business or enjoy investing in them, as I do, it’s time to revise your digital and social media strategy.


The platforms are evolving regularly, so you must make sure that you and your company are making the most of your bandwidth and seize the chance to connect with lots of people.


That is why I asked Vincent Daffadar, an entrepreneur coach and social media marketing specialist, to revamp and improve my social marketing strategy.


Being “an influencer” with millions of subscribers isn’t what we set out to do as business owners. We want to connect with people in order to spread our message and develop our company.


We enjoy leverage, he declared. “I want to spend as little time as possible and produce a tonne of outcomes.”


During the conversation, Vincent talked through a few of my platforms. The advice was priceless. For more information, read the entire conversation:


  • Why YouTube has replaced social networking as a platform for education
  • How to easily produce additional content by creating a series
  • Methods for using more platforms without having to spend more time creating content


The most crucial question is how to really generate sales from this effort. You shouldn’t try to close the transaction on YouTube or social media (hint: it’s a bad idea).

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