How to become a remote millionaire in real estate

How to become a remote millionaire in real estate

If you have been dreaming of becoming a millionaire in Real Estate Investing, I have good news for you. There is an intimate 4-week interactive master class taught live by renown millionaires and real estate entrepreneurs in the world,Dean and Sean.

They have designed the first ever course that can show you how to create additional income stream by remotely wholesaling houses from anywhere in the world without funding,credit checks or experience.

This strategy is made possible by the number one best selling and most advanced real estate software on the market that has the ability to “Jet Fuel” your real estate business and start earning money within a shortest time. This software finds and converts real estate leads into buyers.

What this software does is find top 9 virtual wholesaling cities populated by hungry cash buyer activities for you at a click of a button so that you can benefit and close the deals faster.

The strategy is aimed at buying distressed properties. The ReiAutomator software intelligently locates the distressed property owners, with addresses and phone numbers, then contact and make deals with them.

After the contract is signed, the software locates cash buyers in the highlighted city,send them the buyers’contract to sign and get paid. Thousands of students are crushing 10-20 deals per month using this software.

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