How one referral can lead you to a top leader

How one referral can lead you to a top leader

Ryan Gunness the founder of MLM Recruit On Demand shares how one referral can lead you to a top leader
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You just have to use the formula we use to speak to network marketers who may be struggling to get leads for their businesses.

This is the system that many people are utilising to build their network.

So if you are a business owner who is struggling to launch or sell a high ticket offer, this is for you and could virtually eliminate rejection and help you get hungry and motivated team members to build your organisation and finally become a successful marketer with multiple income streams without spending most of your time on the computer 24/7.

My name is Charles Kaluwasha and I’ve been helping high-profile entrepreneurs get the best traffic for their businesses and see parallel business growth for over ten years.

Over the last several years, we have identified that most people in this situation are missing some key elements in order to build their list in the organisation… but the good news is, there is hope! You could literally be just a few days away from getting high-quality leads.

See in our time working with entrepreneurs, we found that the biggest thing holding you back from building your organisation is missing a proven path that just works.

And this lives you feeling frustrated, feeling drained of energy, personal and business life falling behind, and never feeling like you can hit and maintain your entrepreneur goals without tremendous sacrifice.

The good news is that we have discovered a radically new and simple path to getting a dove of premium leads well converting at 8 per cent, and it probably inst anything you have heard of before.

Just like the case studies found in this article or video, each of them started exactly where you are now, and was like missing these key pieces. I will share these with you now- I highly suggest taking notes, as this has made a huge impact on me and my clients.

After studying the most effective methods for getting massive and motivated leads, we have discovered this new process that helps you get free leads, 3-5 daily. And it works in 3 phases.

First, we bring you through how the system works. When you have this training, it will give you  100 per cent assurance to get the 3-5 leads daily for free and teach those how to do the same, thereby you all build your organisation faster and any beliefs that blockade keeping you from hitting your goals. If we can ONLY identify and eliminate one of the causes of negative and fear traps, you will instantly know what’s causing any issues and how to quickly address them.

Next, we will build a custom 90-day road map, based on the results of HomeSuccessPro. This plan will include exactly what to do with daily leads, and how to motivate them, leaving no chance for them to grow cold.

When you have this, you will have a detailed path that can virtually eliminate any time or energy waste. You have zero decisions to make. Simply wake up, follow the detailed game plan, and you are done. This will only take you  25 minutes per day, 5 days per week. You will also know exactly which of your favourite programs you can continue to perform without sacrificing your gains.

So now you have your time back, never wondering what path is virtually guaranteed to keep you on track.

When you reach this point, you are never alone, and you will never need to buy another program, course or product that doesn’t give you the specific path to building your dream business. You have got a team of marketing professionals helping and guiding you every step of the way, with nothing left to willpower or chance.

We see overwhelmingly that those who do NOT move through a proven process like this exact process lead to spending too much unproductive work trying to buy Google/Facebook leads or worse still entirely quitting due to overwhelm or information overload. And often it leads over to your personal and family life.

Now you must be wondering, when is the right time to do this or work with us? If you find yourself running in circles, tired of products or programs that don’t work or relying on forced willpower, and you FINALLY want to hit your goals with precision and predictability… the best time to do this was 90 days ago. You had already been where you want to be. The second best time to do this is now, and thank yourself in 90 days.

Building your business doesn’t need to be time-consuming, complex or even expensive. In fact, the process is much faster and simpler than you would imagine. Getting started couldn’t be easier. You’ll be onboarded, activated, and ready to move forward within the next 72 hours. The first step is meeting with our Success Team on one on one call, where they will get more information from you, and immediately move into the HomeSuccessPro. Once those results are complete, you will meet with your personal coach who will share the detailed daily plan based on our  HomeSuccessPro framework. Our process is very fast but we are able to move at your pace..

Now you have 2 roads you can take as I see it. First, you can continue doing exactly as you are right now. And nothing will change, you will get exactly what you are getting now.

Or the other road is to allow us to solve this for you by using our proven process to solve this for you. If you are ready to get the help you need, and a proven process to get you there, I would invite you to join us in the HomeSuccessPro system. This 90-day intensive is the best-kept secret for elite entrepreneurs or marketers to cut to the front of the line and get guaranteed results.

In fact, we are so confident in this system, if you follow your HomeSuccessPro Gameplan,  you are guaranteed to build your business by 25-50% or more or we will support you for free until you do.

To get started now, we invite you to book a consultation call with our expert team on this page. If it is a mutually good fit to work together, we are confident in guaranteeing you will get the results you want. If it’s not a good fit, we will still be happy to give you some free resources to help you push you in the right direction, even if it’s not with us. So it’s a win/win either way for you. We are here to serve, and then, the more people we can help, the better.

To your success,

Charles Kaluwasha


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