How I started Real Estate Business

How I started Real Estate Business

Many people ask me why I started real estate entrepreneurship instead of sticking to my Nursing Profession.

I tell them that as much as I enjoy my Nursing Career, the one disadvantage of it is that I trade my time with a dollar. That is if you don’t wake up to go and work, then you will not be paid for that day.

Recent research carried out in India shows that real estate investing is the vehicle to creating wealth by most people not only in India but also in other countries in the world including, Australia,USA,UK,Germany and Singapore. In fact most preferred high net individual invest in real estate than in any other assets as shown below.

Investing in property gives you an opportunity to create wealth over time even when you do not work, the property gives you residual income every month. If you are not sure, the content on this webinar will consolidate your understanding after listing to Dominique’s inspiring story If you have time, watch the entire webinar and get fired up!

Her story inspired me to enroll into her Real Estate Rescue Program. On 25th November 2017, I attended a three day intensive workshop in Sydney. I was surprised to see a hungry crowd of other student ready to be empowered with this rear knowledge in real estate market. In the picture below its me standing outside ICC, Sydney.

What’s Next after Workshop

After the three days workshop, you will be empowered with the knowledge to go ” All In” and so I did and that was the beginning of C J Investiment. As a GD Institute student, you will be connected to a community of fellow students to receive the support you need. In this community, Dominique hosts webinars and monthly updates on the market and any other new strategies that are working for now. You will also have one- on-one coaching sessions with a dedicated DG Institute coach to help you with your REI business.

This has kept me on track despite the stormy and steep journey. I am still learning because there is much to learn from personal skills to finance and marketing of the product we offer. My main focus is to have as many JV partners as possible in order to succeed!


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