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C J Investiment was originally founded as a small family office rescuing individuals targeted by banks in repossessing properties due to mortgage defaults. As C J investment strategy has continued to be affirmed through favourable risk-adjusted results, we have taken on additional investment portfolios in an effort to help investors purchase multi-family apartments/buildings in major cities of Australia.

Since inception in 2017, we have helped more than 5+ accredited investors invest more than $2MM of private equity across 4+ commercial real estate properties.
We have partnered with some of the most experienced and well-respected asset managers across Australia, New Zealand, and Zambia.
By leveraging these relationships with EKCAPITAL Group and other specialised partners, we provide investors access to pre-vetted institutional quality investment opportunities.

We have a good track record in investing in real estate since 2006. We bought our first investment property 2 years after settling in Wellington, New Zealand. Two years later we sold it at a profit and built a four-bedroom dream home in Porirua. Ten years later, it was sold at a profit and moved to Australia in 2014.

With this extensive experience, we developed a program to help others on how to generate a residual income in the apartment investing. We know all the pros and cons when it comes to buying and selling properties in both countries. In addition, the knowledge we have gained from DG Institute, Asym Capital Investment plus 10 years of personal experience in this industry has provided us with an added advantage of real estate investing education to help new homeowners, investors and those who want to become real estate entrepreneurs.

We shall be your guide in building your real estate portfolio.
Take time to navigate and explore the services we provide. We have some golden nuggets to give away just to thank you for taking your precious time to visit our site! If this resonates with you hit the button below to claim your bonus and join us on this journey.

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