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Welcome to my home page. We have created this company to inspire, raise your awareness, find your purpose in life and achieve financial freedom faster and legitimately.

Timing is of the essence in your life. Stuart Zadel stated, “Once you have spent your money, you can always make it back but once you’ve spent your time, it’s gone forever.”
All of us have spent a lot of time on things that do not secure our future!
But when we become aware, we want to catch up. That thought has driven me ever since- both personally and professionally. Started searching, reading books and following those who have made it in life.
I have attended workshops, live events and masterminds to learn about the property niche.
Since then, I have earned a health profit from my first property deal in New Zealand, improved negotiation skills and now look at life through a different angle.

This led me to form our company in a small home office rescuing individuals- homeowners in Australia targeted by banks to repossess properties for mortgage defaults.

Since its inception in 2017, we have helped more than 5+ accredited investors invest more than $2MM of private equity across 4+ commercial real estate properties.
We have partnered with some of the most experienced and successful asset managers, brokers, financial advisers, developers and property experts in their own rights across Australia, New Zealand, and Zambia.

In business, there are two ways to build wealth, the smart way(leverage) or the hard way.
I started leveraging relationships with EKCAPITAL Group and other specialised partners, to provide investors access to pre-vetted institutional quality investment opportunities. I want to teach people like you the smart way to make the best use of your time.
History teaches us that, “Än hour’s conversation across a table with successful people in any field is worth a whole year’s reading on the subject.”

My question is if you had the choice to spend a few hours with someone who has achieved what you are wanting to do or a self two year’s study, which one would you choose?
If you chose the former- just like I did, that’s why you would like me to help you.
Many successful people you may have heard or seen, they were not borne rich but surrounded themselves with people who knew more than themselves. They leveraged their time and expertise. Someone was looking over their shoulders, in the end, they became successful people in society.

With this extensive preamble, we have developed this business model to help you on how to generate a residual income in the apartment investing.
In addition, the knowledge I have gained from DG Institute, Asym Capital Investment, REIWW the 10 years of personal experience, my creativity, and the proven step-step strategies we have put in place, can work for anyone, anywhere in Australia and many other countries where people are allowed to own and trade in property freely.

We shall be your guide in building your real estate portfolio.
Take time to navigate and explore the services we provide. We have some golden nuggets to give away just to thank you for taking your precious time to visit our site!
If this resonates with you hit the button below to claim your bonus and join us on this journey.

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