Grab it,Feel it and Save 60% on hotels and resorts

Many people travel for various reasons, it could be for adventure,nature and wildlife, traveling for the purpose of exploring various culture, and cultural & world heritage sites. What ever the reason may be, you have to spend thousands of dollars on flights,rental cars, hotel fees and luxury resort rentals.

But there is a way to save on air tickets,hotel and resort bookings. You save 60- 80 percent.

Our Private Vacation Club is a successful and lucrative program to help you build wealth online and takes very little money to start and pays you back when you share this opportunity to friends and workmates[3k per sale].
You save on world class premium resorts of your choice anywhere in the world, in short you pay deep discounts on any resorts. Just imagine  the savings you will make!

I have used this membership since 2008 and still enjoying the benefits. Recently my family visited Zambia and they  booked a hotel in Lusaka for
7 days  costing them $630.50 with breakfast included.

After a week they traveled to Kitwe where again I booked a rental home for 5 weeks and paid only $700 while the public paid $2560.85 for the same period.

Is not this wonderful?

This is what we call freedom Lifestyle. Pay it forward for 100 years!

Go ahead and learn about it here

We have created mytravelplayground hub for you to see what we have to offer if you are interested. So go ahead and log in to the site with user ID and password provided below:

ID: 79318
Password: INVPresent

When you are ready, complete the application. Inside you will also find a funding source to make your purchase a smooth one.

Author : Charles Vincent Kaluwasha

Founder and CEO of C J Investiment. Charles Kaluwasha is a real estate entrepreneur and developer, specializing in building 2-5 unit properties in Melbourne City and Gold Coast. He currently owns 3 investment properties. He has rehabbed, Flipped and/or lease-optioned over 3 single-family residences using funds from private investors. He has secured 2 investment apartments in Melbourne and Gold Coast to be completed early 2020. A developer of C J Academy/mentorship program helping investors and homeowners with basic and advanced financial education and real estate investing strategies to create passive wealth.


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  1. I like this program because it has everything under one roof, from buying your air ticket to rental car from airport to the hotel,resort and luxury rental property. Ultimately the savings are huge, value for money!

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