Flubot Malware: Affecting millions of Android Devices in Australia

Flubot Malware: Affecting millions of Android Devices in Australia

Khanji Ahmed, the CEO of Sydney’s leading cybersecurity consulting firm in Australia, has warned millions of Android consumers in Australia that this flubot will affect their device.

FluBot is malware that you can instal with a malicious link in an SMS message on your Android device.
He explains that the malware then sends many similar text messages, potentially infecting others from your phone.

When installed, the malware has extensive access and can collect a contact list to disseminate and access personal and banking information if used during infection. If you are infected, you should remove the malware urgently and change all your passwords with another non-infected device.

After circulating in Europe for some time, Flubot malware has started appearing in Australia.

So if you received some weird SMS messages recently mentioning a missed call, you aren’t alone. You may have caught the flubot that spreads through SMS to infect unsafe Android phones.

See Gridware website for details about how Flubot does not affect your Android device.

Take care and stay safe!


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