Dreams have Incredible Power to Create Financial Freedom

Dreams have Incredible Power to Create Financial Freedom


If you’re an investor or working towards a career objective, you could be motivated by numbers, but wealth is only a tool to give you the things you want out of life.


To put it another way, “financial freedom” will have different meanings for different people. For others, it could mean having the freedom to pursue a career they are passionate about without worrying about the financial implications. Others interpret it as having the ability to travel and see various regions of the world or the resources necessary to assist others.


That’s what drew me to investing in the first place. During that time, I was working as a nurse and a first-generation immigrant. However, my initial goal was to build a portfolio that would allow me to travel to Zambia to see my mother and siblings before and after our mother passed away.


Aside from that, one of my goals was to afford private school tuition for my children and provide financial security for my wife to stay home with them. Sharing money with my parents, siblings, and other family members was also something I valued highly. Furthermore, I thought that one day, after I figured it out, I’d be able to pass on my expertise to others like you.


I established a five-year objective of amassing a $2 million investment portfolio with this aspiration in mind. If I could build up my investments in those five years, I’d be financially independent in ten to twenty years, assuming the worst-case scenario.


Not only were the features important, but they had to be put to good use in my daily life. Also, I’m thankful that I could do those things since I had the opportunity to see my mother frequently in Zambia until the summer of 2012 when she passed away due to old age and failing health.


Nursing and real estate have both aided me in this endeavour.


Begin your own real estate journey today.


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