Don’t sweat the small stuff

Don’t sweat the small stuff

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Don’t sweat the small stuff.

You’ve no doubt heard and perhaps even tried to implement this useful
proverb into your daily life at some point, but how many of us fail to do
so in our business? This is also often referred to as majoring in the minor.

The 80/20 rule. (20% of your output produces 80% of your results)

Focusing on things that bring little or no positive return is a recipe for
going out of business. Many times we do this as an escape from doing the
hard things that do matter.

Doing the more difficult and important things first can often give you a
shot of momentum in many areas of your life and business. You feel as
though you’re taking care of business, and the message you send to those
observing you is the same because that’s indeed the case!

Don’t confuse small with unimportant, either. Identify and prioritize
your tasks so that you are keenly aware of the return on your investment of
time and energy. Even if you outsource or delegate many of your day-to-day
tasks, be sure to prioritize for the people doing the tasks so they
understand what to do too.

While it’s tempting for us to think that all of the items that show up on
our business radar are vitally important, the truth is that only a portion
will dramatically impact your bottom line. Make these your focus, and leave
the rest for times when you’ve run out of A-list tasks.

Your bottom line will thank you!

Charles Kaluwasha

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