Does Your Website offer Your Visitors The Experience They Require?

Does Your Website offer Your Visitors The Experience They Require?


As technology improves, so does your customers too. Customers want to see an engaging website to enjoy their experience in consuming your content.

Web developers are adopting this concept and have come up with the following desired trends that should be part of an ideal website that should satisfy the psychological desire of your customers.

Steve Jobs once said:

“Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works!”

Dark Modes

Dark mode web designs make the Website appear modern and grabs the attention of the audience immediately. Having a dark mode reduces some of the stress and lets your site visitors enjoy the Website even with the lights off.

White Space

White space directs the visitor’s focus to the main elements of your web page without creating a distraction or making the page look cluttered. Integrating 3-D elements in web design is another trend that is intriguing to both visitors and web designers.

Adding 3-D Elements

If you have a website that lags in loading time, it won’t support such heavy content.

Mix and Match

The collage-like effect adds extra personality to the Website and reinforces the brand image. Adding imperfect, hand-drawn elements is another trend that will see a spike in 2021 web design trends.

Voice User Interface

As technology becomes smarter, users are becoming lazier. This means that your web design should be able to handle voice search as an additional option to traditional text searches.


Chatbots are a huge part of today’s web trends. When visitors can’t find information on your Website, they usually turn to chatbots for assistance. Not having a chatbot can lead to visitor frustration and a higher bounce rate.


Making a website accessible is the practice of ensuring that your Website and integrated applications are usable by everyone, regardless of their abilities. For example, suppose you add videos or podcasts to your webpage. In that case, you need to consider captioning, transcripts, and other non-visual equivalents. For visual elements like Infographics and photographs, you will have to think about making the content available for those who can’t see them.


Micro-interactions are another way to show your visitor what is happening on the page. A micro-interaction element responds to a user’s action. One great example of micro-interaction is changing colour on a clickable link when you hover your mouse over it.


The scroll animation avoids clicks and makes the transition to another page smooth and streamlined. Another example of micro animation that you may have seen is the mouse over effect in eCommerce.

Mobile First

An advanced designer deploys web development techniques that adjust the page according to the user’s screen size.


Take a good look at the above trends for inspiration and see how they can be integrated with your Website Design. Thanks to my developers and webmasters for revamping my Website,

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