Create Video Landing Pages in 20 Seconds

Create Video Landing Pages in 20 Seconds


My business partner and mentor, Tissa and I have been working on software that can make your work much easier and faster.

You can grow your email list by adding opt-in forms to all your videos.

Conserve your hard-earned cash (no need to buy any third-party email marketing services)

Customized calls to action and links below videos can be used to promote any product or service

Customize your headlines and header images to pique the interest of your audience.

Commenting and replying are built-in features that encourage interaction and social proof.

Increase website traffic by using mobile-friendly pages optimized for social sharing.

Viduber’s affiliate programme offers lifetime commissions of up to 60%.


Here is Bonus

This promotion is only available to customers with annual or lifetime accounts.

An annual or lifetime video hosting account includes EZ-VloggerTM absolutely free. use EZ-VloggerTM to do the following things:

Add opt-in forms to ALL of your videos to grow your TEXT subscriber base!

Free Testimonial generator

Create as many pages as you like to promote your videos that pay TM.

Video posts will be automatically added to a free WordPress blog we’ll set up and maintain for you.

Custom domain names are a great way to identify yourself and your website.

Use Facebook video auto-posting to drive traffic to your website!

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