Cheap Hosting Plans

Cheap Hosting Plans

If you are planning to set up or already have a personal or business website and require a reliable and steady hosting service, we will recommend the web hosting packages provided by C J INVESTIMENTS PTY LTD

Our shared hosting packages are packed with an immense array of features and website creation and management tools and will meet the hosting needs of both new users and practised users. They all come with 30-day money-back and 99.9% network uptime guarantees, the automated Popular PHP Scripts Installer, a web-based website building tool, PHP 6/5/4 & MySQL 5 support, anti-spoofing, spam and anti-malware protection for your e-mailbox accounts and more. And if you are searching for more powerful features, you can grab a hosting package offering PgSQL, InnoDb, Memcached and NodeJS support.

Several Data Center Options

Our goal is to offer web hosting services that are accessible to all clients around the globe. You can choose from different data centre facilities situated on different continents – Colohouse in Chicago, United States of America; UK Servers in Coventry, England; and SiS Group in Sydney, Australia. So, clients from all over the globe can choose the data centre, which is closest to their physical whereabouts or to their target audience in order to achieve faster website loading speeds.

Which Is The Most Affordable Option?

You can always opt for a free-of-charge web hosting plan. However, the charge-free web hosting packages normally permit you to host only simple, HTML-based sites and impose many restrictions. To satisfy the intense demand for cut-rate hosting solutions, hosting service providers like C J INVESTIMENTS PTY LTD began offering modestly priced, but reliable shared web hosting plans.

What Is Shared Web Hosting?

Unlimited storage
Unlimited bandwidth
5 websites hosted
30-Day Free Trial
A$6.66 / month
Unlimited storage
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited websites hosted
30-Day Free Trial
A$13.31 / month

To be able to offer more affordably priced plans, hosting vendors host plenty of customers on the same hosting server. The uncomplicated operation of the shared web hosting server is ensured by different resource restrictions that each hosting account must observe. Thus, the clients utilizing the web hosting server will not intervene with each other and all the websites will be functioning smoothly. The web servers that are most suited for this hosting service type are those running on Linux – a cost-free, open-source Operating System, which lowers the hosting service provider’s maintenance bills even further.

Flexible Hosting Options

To preserve its leading position in the web hosting marketplace, C J INVESTIMENTS PTY LTD provides modestly priced, but stable hosting services. We have several cheap web hosting packages, each offering a charge-free domain registration. You can also pick between monthly and yearly billing cycles on the basis of your resources, and can always upgrade between hosting packages if your present resources are insufficient. My personal experience has demonstrated that C J INVESTIMENTS PTY LTD is the most stable affordable hosting accounts provider on the market at the moment.


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