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I’m SUPER excited to have you on this journey of investing into this course.We have partnered with LuxHomePro, LLC to offer powerful free content and training designed to help you create the Financial Freedom you desire. Inside this online course, you will be able to download a free ebook that will,

  • Review the secrets to making money with AirBnB most people will never know
  • Review how Warren Buffet is Quietly Buying Luxury Houses all over the world
  • Show you the Secret Property formula

You are not receiving a half “baked punch of information” but well researched and written by a man who has had many years of experience in this industry.

Dave achieved a lot throughout his 30-year career in sales and marketing. He’s done lead generation for banks, marketing for venture capitalists, rehab centers, hotel acquisitions, and big pharma companies just to name a few.

He also helped create a system of purchasing private homes in Southern California to assist a company to acquire over 100 million dollars in real estate.

In short, he has developed a very unique set of skills over his 30 years in the marketing, acquisition, and sales.

He has used his creative skills to create a system that taps into one of the fastest moving modern-day booms that’s quickly unfolding right before our eyes.
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