Bringing Value, Solving Problems and Leaving a Legacy Book Project On Course

Bringing Value, Solving Problems and Leaving a Legacy Book Project On Course

This book is shaping up to be unique. We have the best people part of this project!

I am amongst 37 authors worldwide writing this book in the history of entrepreneurs coming together and share our stories.

This project aims at helping entrepreneurs like you to build your business by leveraging some powerful celebrity authority brands whose name and influence you can leverage.

Also, we have received world-class training on how to leverage the book in over 20 ways, plus marketing and brand building strategies.

The stories from 37 authors will connect with our clients and the world at large. Many authors who have been struggling to write their books for four years have gained shortcuts and insight(including the marketing side and hitting #1 strategies) through this process.

Last week on Call 6, the coaches and mentors walked everyone through the remaining schedule and timelines for the book and also took book and marketing questions and more.


I have submitted the last draft of this fantastic book that will take the world of marketers by storm.


Remaining Timeline

January 25- Formatting and Covers (Monday)

Feb 8 – Final Proof, Review Book and Covers (Monday)

February 15 – Load to Amazon/Off to Printer (Friday)

February 24 – Call 7: Bestseller Campaign Launch (Wednesday)

March 3 – #1 Bestseller Campaign and Launch (Tuesday)

This is such an amazing group, and Kyle and Takara are so excited for us each to see each other’s stories!

So much inspiration, value, and wisdom! This is going to be amazing!

Send me a message if you want to get a copy of this valuable tool for your reference!


This is going to be EPIC!

Learn how to become a #1 bestselling author

How to massively build your brand

Marketing strategies to maximise your social proof in this new era of post-Covid-19 pandemic

Discover Strategies on how to build a loyal audience.

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