A Surprise Gift

A Surprise Gift

A surprise gift from Eren and Chaira thanking me for taking such great care of the community and sent me a “feel Better Box” reminding me to take care of myself during this unprecedented time as a health professional and real estate investor. Health professionals and essential workers have been busy sacrificing their time and lives to help the community in these stressful times. Our work has been seen by many and great to see people like Eren and Chaira recognise our “world” is amazing.

Better writers get better jobs

When I am at home, I do write articles and teaching material to educate investors and homeowners on how to invest even in critical times like these so that they can have informed decision when and how to invest in real estate, where and who can help to put strategies in place for a smooth experience when it comes to financing their investment properties. My eLearning course provides content on real estate investing and related subjects.

Rest, relax and nourish your soul was the message inside this Feel Better Box

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