A new approach to teaching and Learning

A new approach to teaching and Learning

According to the latest research by IT NEWS AFRICA.COM, learning and teaching will not be the same as before the pandemic in physical schools. Since the beginning of the pandemic, many schools and universities adopted online teaching and students were advised to learn at home through virtual classrooms. This trend is growing worldwide.

Thanks to COVID-19, e-learning has irrevocably changed the face of education, and there’s no turning back to the way things were. Education institutes across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East had to quickly adapt to new hybrid learning environments at the start of the pandemic, and there was a need to examine their IT network capabilities in preparation for a return to a busy campus in the months ahead. The Departments of Basic Education and Higher Education was compelled to restructure their processes and learn how to accommodate instructors, parents, and learners digitally when COVID-19 was first recognised and began affecting South Africa and the rest of the world. COVID-19 required education institutes to adopt remote learning almost overnight, and while this was a monumental task, it also demonstrated its viability.

Education IT decision-makers are being charged with supplying increasingly complicated network solutions to our esteemed learning institutions.
The challenge for educational planners is to give any time, anywhere access to students, employees, and visitors, and to create a consistent experience regardless of where a user logs in.

We saw the trend and we did not want to lag behind. We developed a secure platform to help entrepreneurs, year ten students, college and university students and the community at large learn from the comfort of their homes.

The videos below demonstrate how our company has helped some students(two from Zambia and one from New Zealand) in their learning experiences through our e-Learning platform and editing service.


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