6 Ways CoreLogic RP data can help investors.

6 Ways CoreLogic RP data can help investors.


CoreLogic RPdata is Australia’s most comprehensive property database and the most trusted source of information for real estate agents mortgage brokers financial institutions and even governments. Investors can tap into this rich resource of information to grow their wealthy

CoreLogicality RP property data is derived from more than 600 public contributory and proprietary sources including real estate agents, industrial portals their own on-the-ground researchers and more than 370 newspaper sources.

It includes small band 5 million decision points spanning four decades of collection and covers detailed property features together with information such as tenancy, location, hazard risk and related performance information.

When it comes to this, confident decision making involving property, you can count on CoreLogic to deliver the complex data and analysis you need, in a format that is an easy target, and easy to use.

Investors can tap into rich resources of information to grow their  wealth by:

  •  Making confident property buying and selling decisions based on the reliable and transparent source of data and some of the industry’s most powerful property assessment analytics.
  • Understanding the potential value off home to give you an insight into potential mortgage exposure.
  • Understanding the likely sale price both in the property based on the most recent sales information.
  • Identifying the best and worst-performing suburbs and property types, so you know what to look for and what to avoid
  • Identifying and creating alerts for properties that match your investment criteria, so you are advised as soon as they come onto the market.
  • Pre-qualify properties of interest without leaving your desk or your Home Office with the latest photography and mapping tools to give you unparalleled insight into property’s features geography access and location.

To use the services of CoreLogic you must subscribe to their service, and it costs much money, but when you become a student of DG institute in Rescue Programme or Master Wealth Control, you will receive this as a complimentary service for six months after that you can subscribe at a fee of $1000 for 12 months, which is a good bargain.

Because I have a Master Wealth Control account with DG Institute, my annual subscription to CoreLogic RP data is hugely subsidized

Source: corelogic.com.au


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