5 essential traits you must have in order to become an expert in real estate investing(real estate entrepreneur)

5 essential traits you must have in order to become an expert in real estate investing(real estate entrepreneur)

5 essential traits you must have in order to become an expert in real estate investing(real estate entrepreneur)

Every high performing real estate entrepreneur I know has at least one specific individual who played a significant role in their success in order to increase your career to an ultra expert level you will unquestionably need a minimum of one person

When it comes to mentorship, I was very fortunate for various reasons, and I seriously entered the real estate arena in 20 17. I did not know enough experience; therefore, I relied on someone who can help me.

The One-key individual I met early in my career was Eren Kutup, the EK Capital investment group Director. The first conversation became clear that we had a very similar perspective regarding the investment sector Experience and success in implementing these strategies.

That way a compelling during that initial meeting I saw that I needed his guidance to supercharge my learning curve by leveraging his knowledge and expertise so I would have to figure it all out on my own over the next few months, I would frequently reach out to Erin to share investment opportunities I was seeking to get a sense of his perspective on the offerings

We eventually began scheduling frequent calls during which we would reveal do after deal analyse different asset classes and discuss the economy’s state. Brick by brick this Close built upon my perspective, I am still very grateful to him.

So how can you facilitate a similar relationship for your own business

The first step is to clearly outline what you are looking for so that you can be tuned in when the opportunity presents itself?

  • Find someone with whom you could conduct future business might be a 2000 contact dollar, but a mentor holds priceless value.
  • A mentor will thoughtfully guide you through critical decision
  • Help you navigate challenging situations and likely play a huge role in your career because of the nature of this relationship it is critical to identify someone you admire and intuitively trust someone with whom he will see I do I on someone you could imagine as a close friend over 10 years from now

Here are a few things to look for in a potential mentor

  1. They must be an absolute expert in their field
  2. The way they oriented to operate in their business is very close to your ideal position
  3. You two see eye to eye naturally. If it is not a fantastic potential personality, match their relationship won’t last and therefore would not yield results
  4. They bring a tremendous amount of value to the table; this is nearly important if you are paying for the mentorship.

This includes:

  1. processes and systems
  2. team members for outsourcing work
  3. deal analysis
  4. deal flow
  5. networking opportunities

How do you overcome the reality and inspire ultra-high performers to invest that Second got them to where they are Today

You have to show them that you possess something  every high performer is addicted to, momentum

To attract and inspire a high-quality mentor, you have to explicitly and Intentionally display key.

They KMIS are easily recognisable traits that show those around you that you are unstoppable that either people need to get on board or get out your way.

When high performers see that you are displaying this rare trait, they will immediately recognise a reflection of themselves and be attracted to your potential, creating a connexion that will inspire them to help you achieve your goals through their mentorship.

Sense of urgency

Here Jamie Smith shares the single most  important trait that can inspire high performers to build a relationship with you;

Your ability to display an undying, unwavering sense of urgency combined with a rock-solid plan of execution, is the determining factor of success.

High speed of execution and implementation

People who take projects from ideas to completion are the most likely to succeed.

The rate at which your compound success is based on your speed of execution. Also, research teaches us that speed takes courage, and courage alone can make up many weaknesses in other areas

Attention to details and high demand for excellence

Remember that many millions can be made or lost in real estate.

Small mistakes can be catastrophic, and therefore before sending an email, issuing a quarterly report, or making an offering available to investors, every detail should be triple checked.

Properties should be visited, excel formulas should be confirmed, and typos should b non-existent. Working at this level requires the will-do-anything attitude it takes to provide the highest quality for any given project.

Obsession with growth

Never be complacent with your personal and professional achievement. Make it clear that you are always striving to achieve bigger and better things because that is what successful people do as well. Let people know that you are always trying to level-up your network, finding th best-in-class to rub shoulders with.

The 12 Factors Your Home Based Business Must Have to Succeed and Grow

Curiosity about new topics and desires for expertise

As you may know, the real estate sector is scalable, and small teams can accomplish remarkable things. So individual team members need to wear multiple hats with a high degree of excellence. Therefore you need to learn new, challenging skills frequently and quickly to become an expert.

Make it clear that you are curious about learning more. Ask questions, show interest, follow up once you have learned more on your own and you can engage in conversation at a higher level/

Successful people are always looking for ways to grow their businesses. And a younger, hungrier, more enthusiastic version of themselves makes a much better ally than a competitor.

Source: Big 5 Personality Traits | Psychology Today


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