What are the fastest growing economies in Africa?

What are the fastest growing economies in Africa?

As someone who was originally born in Africa, I am interested to learn why African economies are not growing at a faster rate yet we have an abundant resource that can feed the whole world?

The author summarises her findings in this article.

Two of the fastest-growing economies in Africa are Nigeria and South Africa. One distinct attribute that these two economies have in common is that they are tuned into their culture especially their linkages and respect to their ancestral routes. They both have traditions and processes where their elders connect with their ancestors in making important decisions and direction. Is it possible then that the reason some African Countries are failing to break through is that they are using a route they were not meant to a walkthrough? The Western route?
Is it possible that our path to development is supposed to be our ancient path; the path we were on before we took up other paths?
Is it possible that our foundations have been destroyed and that’s why our little strained progress is not sustainable?
Do we even know or understand who we are?
I believe in development but shouldn’t this development stem or be built from our foundations?
I have failed to understand why we are not progressing as Africa and yet we own the wealth of the world. We all seem to have the knowledge of where we are supposed to be but we can’t seem to be breaking ground. In the end, we are all manipulating each other (even the church) because breaking ground is like rocket science, it’s almost impossible.
Where are the elders? Is there anyone available to help us rebuild our foundations/ruins?

Having said that, where does Christianity come in? Are we allowed to do both our culture and our religion? Isn’t the bible full of Jewish cultural practices? Wasn’t Jesus circumcised because he had to align with his culture, not necessarily that he needed it?
I strongly feel we have veered off and are on the road that belongs to other cultures, I strongly feel we are in Africa for a reason and we must follow the African roots. Asia is developing fast because they have not allowed their culture to be polluted. Why then have we allowed ourselves to be polluted? Even our rich marriage rites are being called evil. Our drums are called demonic.

Why have we believed that whatever is African is bad?

Why are we wasting time-fighting each other? That’s not what Africa stands for. Africa stands for ‘ubuntu’, Africa stands for love, Africa stands for the extended family ties; my friend’s mother is my mother. It’s not difficult to see each other through the eyes of love, let’s stop pulling each other down, let’s make the deliberate decision to build each other, that’s what Africa stands for.

I am calling for the elders to lead us back to our roots.📣

I may be wrong, but I look forward to someone finding a solution for Africa.

Jeremiah 6:16

This is what the LORD says: “Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls. But you said, ‘We will not walk in it.’

chizÓ 🍒

ZDA Board Vice-Chairperson | Founder ‘My Zambia My Responsibility’ | Award Winning Fashion Designer

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