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Business Plan, Do you need one?

Alternate Names for Business Plans: A Business Plan is also known as: Marketing Strategy Business Plan Sales Plan for a Business Proposal What exactly is a business plan? A business plan is a critical planning tool used by new and existing business owners to outline company goals, objectives, and challenges, as well as information about […]

The New Movement Social App – Student Discounts

The Movement Social App – Student Discounts So good sharing this social App with you today!!  Thank you for reviewing my information and passing it along to the appropriate parties during your meeting. My name is Charles Kaluwasha and I work for a social media platform called The Movement.  We are getting college kids to […]

Creating One-of-a-Kind Getaways and Lasting Memories at the World’s Top Luxury Villas

LAST MINUTE ESCAPES Need to getaway? We’ve got you covered. Villas in top destinations are available for last-minute bookings, and they include great savings and special offers. Find your last-minute a getaway today, and get ready to relax. Don’t wait – these exclusive deals end soon. As a member of the Renaissance, you now will enjoy […]

How To Attract High Net-Worth Investors Like Warren Buffets.

Systems do not fail But Humans do fail Warren Buffett uses a simple handwritten checklist system to acquire other multimillion-dollar companies in as little as 30 days.  The power of Buffett’s system is in its simplicity.   Best of all you can do this without using budgets, without limiting your lifestyle, and without cutting up […]

Get ahead of the Game with Amazing Tips and Secrets

Internet Lifestyle now is C J Investment providing extraordinary online coaching for beginners and high paid professionals who have no time to invest in multifamily units. Though I recorded this video 7 years ago, the message is still accessible on-demand right here… Rate Your Experience on this website

The Serious Business and Sensitivity Of Retirement By Robert Kiyosaki

Retirement is always a sensitive topic. If you are ready for it, then you are blessed. Many people don’t even talk about it.In this article, Kiyosaki narrates his father’s story on retirement.I hope this will ring a bell… My poor dad died near penniless. I remember speaking with him near the end, and I could […]

What we do and how we can serve you

We buy unlisted properties from motivated sellers in the following categories: inheritance, foreclosure, double mortgage, divorcee, tired landlords dealing with defaulting tenants, home owners who want to live in another city or suburb, and then we sell or rent them out!. In our first year we used to struggle so much to find motivated sellers, […]

Intellectual and informational platform Worth 3.5 billion built on 4 pillars-CATMO

Onpassive is a robust and a vast network of business leaders who are ambitious and successful in creating globally recognized enterprises that will change the lives of millions. Onpassive provides a tight nit community of entrepreneurs varying from firmly established to novice businesspersons. The community space within Onpassive offers an intellectual and informational platform where […]

An expert explains why your email sacks

Engage customers.Drive leads.Increase sales. AWeber is the trusted partnerin email marketing for 120,000+businesses nationwide. Isn’t it timeyou elevated your marketing game? Powered by AWeber After reading this article from Aweber, I thought of sharing it with my readers to dispel the myths of email deliverability. Has a marketing “expert” told you plain-text emails hit the […]

This Email Copywriting Formula Will Defeat Writer’s Block

Picture this: You fill your mug with piping hot coffee and sit down at your desk to write a sales email. You fire up your laptop and open a fresh draft.  But, you find yourself staring at a blank screen — unable to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). You have writer’s block. […]