How Self-reflection gives you a Happier and More Successful Life

This month’s an important one to us here at CJ Investiment. It’s the month that this company was founded here in Australia. We have taken the time to reflect on our failures and successes in order for us to focus and go forward with a positive attitude. I hope this will resonate with many of you. Tracy Kennedy Lifehack’s Personal Development Expert states that, “whether you’re spending quality time with family or reflecting on your personalRead More

A life-saving investment in People's lives

CareFlight Service  extends it’s gratitude to active and supporting crew members to help the organisation continue carrying life-saving plasma that helps blood to clot, preventing injured patients bleeding to death.As a Support Crew Member, my generosity is so important in helping CareFlight Team to develop medical advancements like this that provide better outcomes for critically injured Australians. Not only do we invest in properties but also in social and community we live in. I haveRead More

3 Proven Strategies to Speed Up Your Wealth Building

Do you feel anxious to speed up the process of building your wealth? It took me 10 years to come to term with the three proven strategies to start speeding up my wealth building. I was treating it like a hobby, with no vision, looking for shiny objects. Until I found a mentor who guided me and helped to get rid off most of the junk I was holding in my back of my mind.Read More

Engagement & Brand Loyalty

Is time running out for you to improve your marketing, reduce your support & grow your business? We have you covered…   You can get instant access below:  >> Smartsupp Chat Live Access   Chatbots without any doubt is the future of sales. They can help revolutionize the following:Your support, Sales, Market research, List building, Affiliate marketing and so much more…   And if you want a bot for your site(s) without having to codeRead More

Never Regret, We will Get There…

Help is available

Have you ever made a decision may it be a family, financial or spiritual decision and along the way you do not get the good outcome and regretted? This was what happened to me some time back. I entered into a contract with an IT company last year to upgrade my e-Learning platform. It took them 3 months before they came back to me that there were unable to implement what I wanted. I thenRead More

How To Love Monday Mornings-Kris Cage

Many people including myself hate Mondays for many reasons. But the author loves Monday mornings. He has reasons to love Monday mornings opposite what the majority of scholars, corporate workers and the rest. Whether you prefer Mondays or Fridays, I think you’ll enjoy the video! My least favourite day is Sunday evening. Many people dislike Sunday evening as well, but mostly because they dislike Monday bleeds into and ruins it. I guess that’s more orRead More

Communication – The Cornerstone of Business Leadership

One of the best ways we see leadership at work in your business is by thevery way you communicate with your visitors, lists, and followers. This isthe front lines of our effort to get more traffic and sales. Unfortunately, too many people treat this as an undesired but required taskthey have to perform, and as such it is dealt with very little enthusiasmor thought, and as a result of this, no excitement or interactivecommunication takesRead More

Reseller Panel Turns 17 Years This Month

Kaluwasha Hosting in association with ResellersPanel turned 17 years old this month! ResellersPanel was born on a sunny, spring-kissed April day, 17 years ago. It looked like the perfect time for a brave idea to come to life and grow, nourished by the limitless enthusiasm and creative powers of two brothers.Back in the day server costs were still very high and the industry was dominated by a few big players. In this landscape – a small, freeRead More

A Surprise Gift

A surprise gift from Eren and Chaira thanking me for taking such great care of the community and sent me a “feel Better Box” reminding me to take care of myself during this unprecedented time as a health professional and real estate investor. Health professionals and essential workers have been busy sacrificing their time and lives to help the community in these stressful times. Our work has been seen by many and great to seeRead More


Cj academy is hosted on cjinvestiment using the membership software paid membership pro software 90,000+ active installs and recommended by businesses of all types. Paid membership pro is a software solution that can turn any WordPress site into a full-blown membership site. Paid membership pro integrated with both Aweber and express payment collection tool, Pay Pal. PayPay is integrated with Aweber and includes tag support to make your list super easy. So people can signRead More

5 tips to help preserve your retirement savings during COVID-19

After the Federal Government announced that it will allow eligible Australians early access to up to $20,000 of their super, many Australians are not sure how to go about this package especially if they are approaching retirement. I am equally confused about what to do. Fortunately, AMP has covered this topic extensively as one of the tips to help preserve your retirement savings during COVID-19. Investment markets globally are experiencing significant volatility as economies around theRead More

Powerful Sponsoring Tools To Automate Your Marketing Efforts

This marketing brand that can potentially skyrocket your marketing effort is taking shape, and soon it will be launched to put you in a position that you can sit and relax knowing that the system is working hard for you. The developer and his team have been working on this project since 2017. He wants it to be like Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook in terms of structure and impact it will have on entrepreneurs.Read More

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