My Big Projet


Where  There’s Will There’s a Way…

This has been my companion in all the projects I have embarked on be it personal, professional and day to day routine.

What ever goal you set for yourself, you will accomplish it if you just don’t
quit when obstacles show up in your way.

In other ways you ask yourself this questions:
How much do I want this project and mission to succeed?
How much do I want to succeed personally?

When you first started out as a child, walking was difficult…
But by deciding to simply focus on placing one foot in front of the other
You quickly got better at it,
Got faster and before you knew it,
You were running forward,backwards and side ways and jumping.

Last year, I was blessed to have my first grandson and first grand daughter
born in April and August respectively.
We saw them grow and reached a stage as described above.
They were determined to walk, even when they fell and hurt themselves so many times,
they did not give up! Everyday they were looking forward to trying again and again until they
gained confidence. That was the spirit of W-TAW-TAW
Soon they focused on a ball or toy without ever thinking about what their legs were doing…

It all started with the will for them to walk… on their part and on the part of the parents and us grand parents.
The same goes with you… If the will is there, everything else follows.
You even have someone to coach you on your journey.
Other investors cheering for you and supporting you to succeed.
All of them including myself are going through the same learning at the same time.
With everyone motivated–even incentivized—to teach you everything they hear or learn.

My listing in New Zealand

This tells you that you simply cannot fail– just decide how successful you want to be, and set your goals.
Get moving… doing the very first that comes to mind.
Motivated people say that…
Emotion creates motion
Motion creates results, end of story!

So just get going… doing the first thing that comes to mind.
Listen to your gut and immediately do as it says… catching yourself any time you find yourself thinking too hard.
In other words, Avoid ANALYSIS PARALYSIS…
There are no wrong moves as failures is impossible… because you learn more from what doesn’t work than you do for “successes” and what does work.
Remember you have me as your coach and mentor and fellow investors behind you.
Together we simply cannot fail.

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