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Charles Vincent Kaluwasha is a visionary entrepreneur, author, coach, multifamily investor, and C E O of CJ Investiment Property, providing personal finance to high paid professionals who lack investment experience in the apartment building. A holder of Master of Nursing (Clinical) and worked in Zambia, New Zealand and Australia, now a part-time Million+Dollar Multifamily investor. Over the years and after accumulating positive cash-flow multifamily investments, Charles 'has created sound investing strategies around his mistakes and learning, and he wants to share them with investors just like you. Send an email to or visit to register for his FREE strategy course.


Discover how to become financially free with just 5 houses! APPLY NOW TO ATTEND August Over a year has passed since my good friends and business partner George in the USA has hosted his first Bootcamp. It is the ideal time to create a high income from Median Luxury Vacation Rentals and Single-family Homes if […]

Brisbane’s economy will get a boost due to the city hosting the Olympic Games in 2032

Brisbane’s economy will get a boost due to the city hosting the Olympic Games in 2032.   Australian Olympic Committee president John Coates, who also worked on the campaign to host the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, was responsible for the Brisbane effort. This year’s Olympics in Tokyo, scheduled to begin in July, has been […]

New analysis from CoreLogic has found that buying a property is cheaper than renting for 36.3% of homes across Australia.

These stories from my working partner  EK Capital might help you make or save money: · Mortgage deferrals available · Many homes are cheaper to buy than rent · Property investors cashing in · ATO reveals key tax mistake Happy reading! As many parts of Australia have returned to lockdown over the past few weeks, […]

How to finance and buy your home

A mortgage broker is one of the best ways ti assist you in your decision making process

How you can become a virtual real estate tycoon

  In this 50+ page PDF course, you will learn how to buy and sell websites in the virtual real estate marketplace, which is a highly profitable process that can be extremely profitable. All you have to do is follow the steps outlined in these pages, and you will be successfully purchasing and selling websites […]

Making a business presentation is a big task: But there is an easy way

A presentation is something that almost everyone on the planet has to do at some point in their lives. PowerPoint was one of the first tools that we all learned to use in the early days of the digital era, and it continues to be one of the most popular tools for personal and professional […]

Locating a suitable investment property

When the value of a property increases from the time it is purchased until the time it is sold, this is referred to as capital growth. There’s always the possibility that the value of your home will drop.

Factors that have brought about the decline of the property investors’ appetite to a record low in Australia

Factors that have brought about the decline of the property investors’ appetite to a record low in Australia  The latest ABS housing finance data shows the portion of housing finance for the purchase of property lent to investors fell to a fresh record low of 23.5% in August. This is significantly lower than the decade average of 36.1%.   Have you heard […]

Getting Started with Online Teaching: Where to Begin and Which Platform to Use

    Teaching online is a fantastic way to share your knowledge with others, establish your reputation, and even find new business partners or customers. For the past six months, I have been working on developing my e-learning platform, which is almost ready to be shared with the entrepreneur niche. Everyone, from math teachers to […]

Entrepreneurs Development Circles

C J Investiment and partners will provide business development services and contribute to the development of entrepreneurship in Zambia.