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Charles Vincent Kaluwasha is a visionary entrepreneur, author, coach, multifamily investor, and C E O of CJ Investiment Property, providing personal finance to high paid professionals who lack investment experience in the apartment building. A holder of Master of Nursing (Clinical) and worked in Zambia, New Zealand and Australia, now a part-time Million+Dollar Multifamily investor. Over the years and after accumulating positive cash-flow multifamily investments, Charles 'has created sound investing strategies around his mistakes and learning, and he wants to share them with investors just like you. Send an email to or visit to register for his FREE strategy course.

What we do and how we can serve you

We buy unlisted properties from motivated sellers in the following categories: inheritance, foreclosure, double mortgage, divorcee, tired landlords dealing with defaulting tenants, home owners who want to live in another city or suburb, and then we sell or rent them out!. In our first year we used to struggle so much to find motivated sellers, […]

Intellectual and informational platform Worth 3.5 billion built on 4 pillars-CATMO

Onpassive is a robust and a vast network of business leaders who are ambitious and successful in creating globally recognized enterprises that will change the lives of millions. Onpassive provides a tight nit community of entrepreneurs varying from firmly established to novice businesspersons. The community space within Onpassive offers an intellectual and informational platform where...

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3 Key Levers To Building Trust With High Net Investors

My friend and coach Yakove has taken yet another lap in providing some pieces of training to help you connect with high net worth investors.  These strategies are of their kind in the industry. “To my knowledge, there’s nothing quite like The Trust Mastery Equation out there, and that’s why it’s going to make finding...

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Impact of online reputation in real estate investing

  A lot is going on in the market place today. The competition is wild out there. Investors are competing for a few buyers. And buyers are now savvy in selecting whom they should trust before they decide to pull out their hard-earned money to put towards their home. Property is a significant purchase, for...

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Updates to our service and website.

As we continue to improve our service to CJInvestiment, we’ve introduced some new changes to help you experience better navigation and easy access to content and services better. As a result, our Terms of use will be updated and will be effective 30 days from this notification, or 27 November 2020 (whichever is the latter). Key...

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The #1 Secret We Use To Save Up To 80% On Luxury Condos, Hotels and Resorts Anywhere In The World

This is what we call lifestyle freedom formula, you get paid every time you went on a vacation. What if you got a check for 3k each time you showed others how to take more vacations? This is the easiest way to impact your life and have a desire to make a positive impact on […]

Create Your Own Vacation Rental Business And Build A Money-Making Property Machine That Gives You Income In a Few Short Months

What if I told you that right now is the perfect time to create substantial income from Luxury Vacation Rentals? Well, C J Investiment in partnership with LuxHomePro has good news for you. We would like to invite you to join us on February 10-13th at the Hotel Republic in San Diego, CA to learn […]

Christmas Holiday Deals With Our Travel Club Anywhere in The World

Planning for a vacation? We are excited to help you activate your Renaissance Lifestyle Passport Vacation Membership privileges with 1.You will be able to book your first vacation within 7 days from today! 2.You can choose from over 5,000 5 star resorts in more than 250 countries 3.You will be treated as a VIP […]

A New Remarkable Internet Marketing Platform To Build Your Business With Ease

“You are never going to change thi.ngs by fighting against theexisting reality. To change, build a new model which makes the old model obsolete.this is exactly what Ash and his team are doing.” This is the next chapter in the field of network marketing solution that will deliver: Financial Freedom Non-stop periodic payment Automated […]