Investing in small apartment building and distressed properties

About us

We focus on investing in multifamily units and distressed properties at 10 to 40 per cent below market value.

Charles Vincent Kaluwasha is the Founder and C E O of CJ Investment and  LiFeOnTheNet7.com  a company with a mission to help ordinary people achieve financial freedom by passively investing in multifamily syndications. Charles has successfully executed over $1.9 million in single-family real estate transaction and recently acquired two units worth $1.5 million in Melbourne and partnered with 1000s of developers in Australia, New Zealand and Zambia.

Charles Vincent Kaluwashais a co-founder and principal in the real estate investment firm, Gold Fish Holdings Pty Ltd ATF Gold Fish Superfund He and his team currently have two units worth over $1.5 million in assets under Motion management and are continually growing. He has successfully executed over $1.9 in transactions in single family real estate before majoring in multifamily units. He is the Director of Investor Relationship at Cedar Tree Equity and he co-leads a small monthly meetup of multifamily investors in Perth and Melbourne

The Company plans to purchase properties that will appreciate in value over the expected hold period of seven (7) to ten (10) years. Through the use of quality third-party management systems, it is expected that the investments will appreciate in value as a results of premium locations and increased net operating income, over time.

Our Vision

Deliver Unique Property Investing strategies that Empower  real estate Entrepreneurs and investors to Tap Into Real Estate Economy

Our specialty

Helping Australians rebuild their financialfuture by offering strategies that can help them pay off their mortgages in less than 15 years and be debt-freethereby protecting their credit rating and wipe off accumulated debts faster.

We also link them to specialized financial services and real estate institutions locally and internationallyto excellerate their investment portfolio to attain financial freedom

C J investiment Academy is one of the number one educational and mentoring site to thousands of homeowners, entrepreneurs and investors by helping and supporting them to rebuild and improve their financial education, protect their credit ratings and build wealth through step-by-step cedar tree strategy that has helped other people who did not know how to go about this new concept.

Please note that we have a dedicated mentorship program to educate home buyers on the pro and cons when buying and selling their properties. The objectives of this mentorship program are to Inspire, Support, Coach, Expand Thinking & Associations, Connect & Network so that we can each grow and achieve powerful goals. A group like this is hard to find…where every person is dedicated, authentic, gifted, positive, committed and geared to be successful.

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Our philosophy

To help people achieve financial freedom by passively investing in multifamily or small units syndications.In addition, to educate investors with real estate knowledge on new trends in creating and maintaining residual wealth in this changing economy.

  • Help people purchase distressed properties at less than 10-40% purchase price that they can flip with a joint venture partner.
  • Our strategy is so powerful that you can find the worst house in a nice neighbourhood, rehab and flip – it’s like buying a house off the clearance rack.
  • Our goal is to help people have access to financial institutions that are not “hard” on people seeking mortgages in Australia – this way, we can avoid delays in processing the paperwork. These and many more help are available on our website.! That’s why we have created this company to help you as investors.

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