Month: April 2019


It’s official, we are back online to serve our clients better

We have migrated our site to the new hosting service for our customers’ convenience and satisfaction. The  company has both the necessary know-how and technical equipment to offer competitive solutions to all users of the global network. The modern technologies have undergone a significant development in the last decades. The company has developed its own strategy, which relies not only on the quality of the product, but also on the prompt and timely support ofRead More

What is Your Big Why?

What is Your Big Why? We all have reasons to do what we want in life and we ask ourselves why we are doing it. In this context, we are talking about why you want to start a real estate business or take a course in business management and so forth. What ever you want in life, you must do it with all your power and determination to get the results you want in life.MoreRead More

Renaissance Travel Club Savings

save 80% on your next vacation

Click here to learn more! If you love vacations, cruising,skiing and staying at the best beaches of the world while earning, then our travel Club membership is for you. In the example above, the same 1 bedroom resort at Grand Mayam Reviera May cost $5,460 for 4 sleeps to the public but cost $724 for the same sleep to our members, saving them 87%. This the power of our membership!

Real estate investing

Standing above is Joyce and I assessing our property in New Zealand ready for sale last year 2018. We engaged Tommy’s real estate to sell the property. Marketing budget was over $1,186.85 for 4 weeks. The property was sold within the same period at a profit of $221,000. It was a great investment for us as a family. That was our second property we sold within four years. That shows that we have passed throughRead More

My Big Project

The Grove Project

Embroidered Men’s Polos by Vistaprint W-Taw-Taw Where  There’s a  Will There’s a Way… I have been looking for something that will  one day solve other people’s problems and enjoy the life that they desire. A system that will help marketers work smart and enjoy  the fruits of their labours. A platform that will take away the pain of marking,recruiting and forced income generation paid to you monthly in your wallet. A leadership that has integrity, passion to empower neighbours  across the world realiseRead More

Quarterly Rental Review

The first CoreLogic Quarterly Rental Review for 2019, which tracks median rents and rental yields across Australia, shows that national weekly rents have risen by 1 per cent during the first three months of the year. “This seasonally strong first quarter has delivered the highest increase in weekly rents since the corresponding first quarter a year ago”, says Cameron Kusher, Research Analyst for CoreLogic. “Our regional housing markets are performing marginally better than the capitalRead More

Welcome to Home Investing Portal

Get access and discover tips on how to buy your first home or investment property. Be Aware!!! Be aware of your creative power,as you are a creative being. Be aware of your conscious thoughts, as they are just like seeds that you plant in the ground. They are the starting point to all things… ACCESS YOUR BREAKTHROUGH FREE COURSE NOW

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Buying Investment Property

Be sure to consider these guidelines when buying investment property. If you research the market and develop a working relationship with real estate agents, you could find that there are more bargains out there than first appears. Before making any investment decisions, however, we recommend you consult a financial expert. We also invite you to talk to us about any property you’re interested in, ideally before you commit yourself to a purchase, so that weRead More