Month: March 2019


How to add value to your property

[youtube] If you want to build wealth through real estate investing, you need to  seek the expertise of other professionals that you can count  on to help you build your success and master mind team. Some tasks need to be undertaken by or delegated to professionals to give you time to look for more deals. So it is important to start thing of recruiting  key people in your team. The following are some ofRead More

Display Homes | Aveling Homes

Aveling Homes is one of the property developers in Perth. They have a good track record of building quality properties in WA. They have traditional-style displays, contemporary-style displays, coastal-style displays and urban-style displays. And there’s one common thread that runs through every one of their Perth display homes – and that’s the incredible value for money you’ll enjoy when you build with Aveling Homes. My third property was built by Aveling Homes and the workmanshipRead More

Halliday House

Halliday House 114 King William St, Bayswater WA 6053 (08) 9271 3741 This another place to visit if you are in WA. You will enjoy the nature and refresh your memories of owning a beach house for investment.

Review of Flats and Apartment Investing.

Check out this review of Flats & Apartments- Satyam Property Rishikesh on Google Maps. I have an update of the secrets that the elite use to accumulate wealth faster.

What a Feeling

You will never have enough to give back to the community. The little that you have, just give and the community will thank you. I have been a supporter for CareFlight in their effort to save thousands of Australians by providing emergency care in the country. Below is a”Thank You” email sent to me last year! Dear Mr Kaluwasha It’s the end of the financial year and I want to thank you for what you doRead More

Want a 100% success rate?

If you want to have quick cash flow from your investment, find a vehicle to use and achieve results faster. As much as we have the desire to earn the much needed dollar, the  pain that most marketers and investors have is  advertising  to have leads and turn those leads into buyers. You can have the best product /service but if you have a limited budget to find customers then you fail. That’s the reasonRead More

The Sharing Economy And Home Ownership | OFX