Real estate is a product not a marketing business

Many people get the concept wrong, they think that real estate is a business but we say that real estate is a product.So our business model in real estate is incredibly simple because we focus on marketing for three things outlined below:

  • We find deals or negotiate great deals with property investors on behalf of clients.
  • We market to find dollars.

What we do is we create a flow of deals  by constantly searching for motivated sellers or distressed situations in real estate. We then wholesale a real estate deal  to  find the dollars simply by finding a buyer who is ready to buy the small apartments.

Sometimes we hang on to a deal for couple of months to get a good ROI from a private investor who will invest in the project.This means that our role will be that of an overseer, an asset manager, where we receive passive income or appreciation.

  • We find residents

Finally, on our buy and hold properties, we are marketing to find residents. The ability to keep an apartment full with paying residents is how we create ongoing cash flow and increased equity – due to forced appreciation. Remember, cash and cash flow comes from marketing for deals, dollars, and residents.

Right now, our partner has negotiated a good deal of small and luxury apartments with a developer in Brunswick West Melbourne. The developer is accepting bank guarantee or deposit pond with 5% cash rebate incentive on settlement. Currently there are only 3 more sales left.

If you want to Build a Real Estate Empire, everything starts here!

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Author: Charles Vincent Kaluwasha

As a result of my exceptional entrepreneurial efforts, I am one of the founding members and mentor at Layers of Leadership, an exclusive rank of Home Business Professionals. We assist and mentor entrepreneurs who are facing challenges in their home business(s). The knowledge, skills and failures I have learned throughout my entrepreneurial career for the past 10 years,makes me a strong believer that anyone can succeed as long as one is teachable and implement what you learn. So if you want help,do not hesitate to contact me!